We specialize in creating packages for builders that cover multiple phases of construction. Premier footing, foundation and concrete contractor of NC.


a skilled worker who builds by laying units of substantial material


operations connected with excavations and embankments of earth

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Concrete footings are integral to foundation construction. Footings are concrete-filled trenches that provide support for a foundation.

Concrete Footings

Houses can't be built on dirt! Footings provide support for your home's foundation. We provide on-site consultation, blueprint ground layout, excavation, permitting, concrete pour and inspections coordination.
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Foundations connect and transfer loads from structures to the ground. We offer crawlspace and monolithic slab services.

Masonry & Foundation

Usually a brick or cinder block wall that sits atop of a concrete footing. This is known as a crawlspace foundation. An alternative is to pour a monolithic slab. We offer both types of foundations for our clients.
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Flat Work

Horizontally poured concrete that you might recognize as driveways, walkways, garage floors, and patios. Different finishes available.

Concrete Flat Work

Concrete can turn dusty and lumpy driveways into beautiful flat surfaces to walk or drive on. A new concrete driveway, patio or walkway is one of the best ways to increase curb appeal and increase property values.
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Four Oaks Residential has the knowledge, the crew and the experience to complete projects in a timely and professional manner. Let us help you get your next project off the ground!

Who we are...


We are a residential construction company located in central North Carolina and have been in business over 20 years. Our team consists of masons, excavation specialists, project managers and concrete finishers.

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Four Oaks Residential is managed by a residential construction expert, with 25+ years in the industry. Planning, consulting, and executing multiple projects is part of our day to day operations. We get work done.

What we do...


Simply put, we construct footings, foundations and concrete flat work for new construction. This includes ancillary buildings, stick built homes, manufactured homes, and all masonry projects.

Brick foundation in Raleigh, NC


Masonry support services are essential to finalizing foundation projects.

Services we offer include interior clean up, back-fill and damp proofing, installing anchor bolts, sill plate and vapor barrier installation.

We also offer final grading and various drainage installations.

Where we work...


Four Oaks Residential is based out of Four Oaks, NC in Johnston County. We just happened to be centrally located to Wake, Wayne, Johnston, Sampson, Wilson, and Duplin counties. We will work outside of these areas, if the work calls for it.


Typically, we work with traditional home builders, home owners, and manufactured home dealers. We pair best with small to medium sized home builders that build in various locations throughout North Carolina.

Our service area includes most of central and eastern North Carolina. We prefer to work within a 40 mile radius of Four Oaks, NC but we will travel further out if the job calls for it.

More work we do...


In addition to our footing and foundation services, we also provide a variety of concrete flat work services including monolithic slabs, driveways, garage floors, and more.

Support services are also part of our offerings. Some of these include vapor barrier installation, damp proofing, final grading, drainage solutions, back-filling, parge coating, sill plate installation, and much more!


We have the capability to build retaining walls with any type of masonry material. We are Allan-Block certified installers, but also specialize in brick + block projects.

Get rid of huge elevation changes in your yard and increase your patio size, throw in a pool or whatever you want!

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