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Footing Construction

We manage layout, excavation, pour, and inspections.

Masonry + Foundation

Offering crawlspace foundations and all types of masonry work.

Concrete Flatwork

Driveways, walkways, garage floors, patios and monolithic slabs.

Residential Contractors

Earthworks + Masonry + Concrete

Experienced and Knowledgeable

We’ve been in business for over 25 years. We specialize in problem solving, planning, and building. Turn-key packages make scheduling easy and offers a streamlined workflow to keep your projects moving forward. Hire fewer subcontractors.

Footing through Foundation

From the footing excavation through foundation construction, we have you covered. We typically work with custom builders, modular & mobile home dealers, and business owners and homeowners. We are ready to build for your company.

We Are Residential Subcontractors

We are the only subcontractor you need for footing and foundation work. We are reliable, experienced, capable, and make the process easy for you. Save your valuable time for more important tasks, like your next project. We got this!

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One of our crew members will schedule an appointment with you to meet on-site with you to discuss your plans, budget, and deadlines.

Footing Services

Layout + Excavate + Pour

Essential Building Component

Proper footing construction is an essential component to a long lasting, structurally sound building. We are footing construction experts and have been building them for more than two decades.

Footings For All Wind Zones

We offer footings for all wind zones. Locations near the coast are typically classified as “high” wind-zones and require larger footings and usually need steel placed within the footing for extra strength.

Commercial delivery

Turn-key Footings Packages

Our footing service includes: home layout, excavation, concrete pour, and inspections coordination. We take care of everything for you and prepare the job for the foundation construction that comes next.

Turn-Key Footing Construction Pros

We are footing experts. Our in-house team works with well maintained heavy equipment to get the job done. All labor and materials are included in our estimates, even the layout.

Foundation + Masonry

Brick + Block + Stone

Foundation Wall Construction

We do all types of foundation work. Specializing in brick and block crawlspace foundations, skirting, and concrete monolithic slab foundations. Our work also includes building masonry steps, floating porches, and retaining walls.

Stone and Brick Veneer Installation

Most new homes are built with brick & block or only block. For crawlspace foundations, the block acts as the load bearing structure, while the veneer is added for visual appeal. We can install brick or stone veneer for your residential project.

Turn-key Foundation Packages

Our foundation service includes: material delivery, construction of all foundation walls, anchors, sill plate, vapor barrier, damp proofing, back-fill, and cleanup. We provide consultation services for planning and building your foundation.

All types of Masonry Construction

No matter what type of masonry project you have in mind, we can help you build it. We specialize in crawlspace foundation, but we also provide other masonry and stone installation services.

Concrete Flatwork

Prep + Form + Pour

New Concrete Surfaces

Add some curb appeal to your home or business with brand new concrete surfaces. We can do all types of concrete work including driveways, garage floors, monolithic slabs, walkways, and outdoor patios. Concrete is very durable, long lasting, cost effective, and aesthetically pleasing.

Proper Site Preparation

Proper preparation for the project area is very important. We take the time to ensure that the base is installed properly so you don’t have issues in the future. Giving the right amount of slope to drain storm water away is also crucial for longevity. You don’t want water hanging around!

Design, Form, and Pour

Building the concrete forms gives shape to the final product. You can create whatever shape or curve you want to your concrete surface. When it comes to the pour and finish, you also have a few options. You can do a slick or broom finish or add color and stamp your concrete with a pattern.

Concrete Flat Work + Monolithic Slabs

Concrete construction is a vital part of the home building industry. We provide almost every type of concrete flatwork that is available. We install driveways, walkways, garage floors, concrete foundations, patios, and more.

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“We help residential builders get rid of their subcontractor headaches once and for all.”

Chris Santoro | General Manager

Turn-Key Construction

Custom Packages Available

Four Oaks Residential is a North Carolina based construction firm that specializes in footings, foundation construction, and concrete flatwork. End your subcontractor problems today and let us turn-key your construction projects. We are experienced and trustworthy.

Quality Assurance

Work is 100% Guaranteed

We take pride in the quality completion of every project we take on, like it was our own personal home. Typically, we are best suited for builders that build between 1 and 15 homes per year. Traveling is not a problem for us either, we will travel up to 75 miles from our home office.

“Providing quality residential earthworks and masonry construction services in NC for over 25 years”

Brandon Johnson | Marketing Director

Skilled Craftsmen

Tried and True

Four Oaks Residential is a well-oiled machine that gets jobs done. With more than 3,000 completed projects and over 25 years in business, we are seasoned veterans. Let our craftsmen showcase their skills on your next project.

Project Management

Solving and Avoiding Problems

Both management and field crews are knowledgeable and experienced. We know what to expect and where the pain points are and how to avoid them. Let us help you more easily navigate your next home build!


Completed Projects

Our Experience

Over the past 25 years, Four Oaks Residential has worked more than 3,000 residential projects to a successful completion.

Ready to work for you.


Our crew gets the work done right. If you are looking for contractors that are loyal, timely and all about quality work, you found us.

Let’s build together.

Perfect for You

We are an excellent fit for builders that have projects in varied locations. Our service area covers a 75 mile radius from Four Oaks, NC.

Building in NC + SC

Let us help you build more.

We manage your groundwork projects for you so your time can be spent nailing down your next build.